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Interaction - Immersion - Innovation

“When the human imagination reaches its limits, modern media technology can bring reality to life.”

Or, to put it in other words: people have the power of imagination, but when things get complicated, people need to see what is happening. Even better is when they can try it out. This is just as true for expensive, heavy machines, as it is for versatile functions of a product or scientific context.

However, modern machines and systems are often so complex that training with the machine is often difficult and costly. That is when you need a simulator. Virtual Reality opens up completely new possibilities for education and training, engineering and product marketing. Seeing, hearing and acting “as if it were real” – when it is, in fact, virtual reality.

Datenflug specialises in applications for Virtual Reality. We are dedicated engineers with more than 15 years of in-depth experience in working with modern media technologies. We create tailor-made solutions for people and companies who work in the areas of mechanical and plant engineering, tunneling, the production of raw materials as well as logistics and transportation.

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In cooperation with SAT Strategic Advisors for Transformation AG Datenflug realised the interactive visualition of a  dynamic simulation model.
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